I Love Photo Booth Photography

You don’t often hear photo booths and photography combined together into the same sentence, but it’s something new that I now love to do.

Lately, I have been experimenting more with the do-it-yourself photo booth scene by building one and letting my nieces, nephews, and other family members try it out for me to capture pictures of. Since writing about photo booths on here a few months ago, I have been thinking a lot about the idea for a while. It was all so much fun that the idea just wouldn’t leave my mind, even while I was traveling.

So now I love playing around with photo booths and creating props for them. At one point, I was even considering renting them out myself but I figured that might take away from the true essence of my photography.

Although I may not like the idea so far, it has a good chance of coming to fruition later on anyways if I continue to think about it more. One of the things that may not make that any easier for me is the fact that I have been noticing other photographers in my area start renting out photo booths, on top of still shooting for weddings and other special events. It sounds like a good idea, but I guess we will see.


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Photography Motivation

Hi everyone, it’s been almost 2 months since I have posted anything on here. I have been spending the Summer traveling to many different parts of the United States, along with trips to other countries that include East Asia, Brazil, and Costa Rica. Needless to say, it has been so amazing!

I don’t have any photos to share with you all at the moment and when I do, it will take while to do so, so please be patient with me. šŸ˜‰ Anyways, I hope that you all are having a great summer as well and getting to go on a few relaxing vacations of your own. It’s crazy how the summer is already coming to an end though, huh? Already that time of the year again for kids to go back to school and unfortunately, for the cold weather to be here again.

I don’t necessarily mind the cold weather, it’s just not nearly as fun (or encouraging) to take pictures in the Fall and Winter as it is the Spring and Summer. Oh well, it is what it is.

So listen guys, I just wanted to pop in here really quick and say hello and let you all know what I have been up to. I plan to get back to publishing content and my own photos on this site pretty soon but for now, I wanted to leave you all with a motivating photography video that contains some excellent pictures that I want you all to see. If you notice, the video seems to have several parts which can be found in the sidebar if you click through to watch the video on Youtube.


I hope that everyone enjoys the video. I believe that looking at great pictures like these is an excellent way to get some ideas for your own photography.

I will speak to you all very soon.

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Fun for Photographers: Using Photobooths As Props for Party Shooting

Although I’m what I consider to be an amateur photographer, I get asked to do a photo shoot every now and then by friends or family members.

Just as well, when my family has a birthday party, special anniversary, reunion, or holiday party, I am typically the one elected to take pictures.

I’ve been filling in on these things for close to 5 years now and feel like needed to be the year that I tried something new. So after three hours of searching the internet, I have decided to build a photo booth to make things a lot more interesting. It will be a surprise for my family and I cannot wait to see how they react.

I learned a lot about DIY photo booths during my research and felt as though it would make a good blog entry to share this information. Photo booths seem to be a popular means of entertainment these days and there are so many different ways to build them, and not for a ton of money I might add. Here is the best information I came across that will ensure you have an functioning set-up for your very own photo booth.

1. Lighting

Your photos will obviously need lighting, so you will need a source bright enough to clearly capture the shot. Desk lamps with movable necks can work well for this when using LED bulbs. Also, you will need a prop for the light to bounce off of, so a white umbrella will do.

2. Camera

Digital cameras can work for this as well as ipads and iphones if you’re on a budget. Use a tripod to position whatever you are using in front of your booth. Set the light right behind the camera to reduce shadows and shine.

We set the aperture to 125 ISO to capture quick and clear shots.

3. Props & Costumes

You can’t go wrong with a box full of props. Cheap props can be found in dollar stores and sometimes in party stores. If you plan enough ahead of time, you can even get lucky and find props and costumes for cheap online and in larger quantities. The more you have to choose from, the better.


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5 Tips for Shooting Photos in Low Lighting

Photography can be fun and relaxing, yet it can also be frustrating when you can’t seem to get the appropriate lighting.

It can be a funny scenario though. For some pictures, too much light from the sun can be present and over-expose our photos but for others, there sometimes isn’t enough light to get the shot we planned for either. Both can be frustrating ,but the good news its that with digital photography comes ways to correct this. Here are five tips you can use the next time you are trying to take a picture and dealing with low lighting.




1.) Utilize Your Flash

This is probably an obvious and simple solution, so I figured I would get it out of the way first.

Using your flash can be helpful at times, but others it can ruin your picture just the same as a low light source would. To fix this, use a sheer white tissue to cover the flash to diffuse the light by making it less harsh.

If you’re in a situation where a flash is a must, an external flash make be more up your alley. These sit on top of the camera and typically point to a wall or ceiling instead of just focusing on the subject at hand.

2.) Be Open

Speaking of flashes of lighting, the part of the camera called an aperture tells the camera how much to allow in during a given setting. The more light coming into your lens, the faster the shutter speed will be and turn, the sharper your photos.Ā Setting your camera to the widest aperture will allow you to do the same.

So the key here is to let more light in instead of keeping it out. Each camera will have a different setting but the thing to look for here is an “f” setting, for example the lowest ones being f/1.4 and f/1.8.


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Outdoor Photography Tips for Beginners

The pros make it look so easy, don’t they? You know, taking these beautiful outdoor shots that captivate the true essence and beauty of nature.

With the high quality images that digital cameras and even smartphones produce these days, it doesn’t quite take a professional to snap a high quality result. Even better, it doesn’t take thousands of dollars to invest in professional gear. By following the beginner tips we are about to list below, anyone canĀ get started with outdoor photography.

As I stated on my about page, I don’t consider myself to be a true professional by any means, but here are 4 of the biggest things I wish someone had told me when I was first starting out.

Tip #1: Be Outside At the Proper Times

To achieve the best lighting in your photos, the best times of the day to shoot are going to be when the sun is rising and setting.

Not only is the light better, but so is the view. Some of the most amazing shots I feel that I have take we’re either of the sun rising or setting, and you can too.

Tip #2: Manage Your Composition


This is where you want to become comfortable with shooting yet work on looking at things at different angles. One of the best tips I ever learned was to pick a good subject for each picture and move it around the frame. You can physically move yourself with the camera to see how the subject looks from different positions while keeping the same frame. The key is to move up and down as opposed to left from right.


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